Commodity Certification Course

NICR has launched the NCDEX Commodity Certification Course comprising both textual and e-learning material relevant to the market.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Spend as little as Rs. 2750
  • Access course online and in print

The aim of this course is to equip learners with academic and applied knowledge, including fundamental and technical analyses, required to understand commodity markets and deal in commodity derivatives.

On completion of this course, the learner will be able to acquire a basic understanding of:

  1. Commodity Markets
  2. Derivatives
  3. Commodity Exchanges
  4. Pricing of Futures
  5. Basic Principles related to Trading
  6. Fundamental approach to Price Analysis of Commodities
  7. Technical approach to Price Analysis of Commodities
  8. Trading Strategies
  9. Functioning and regulation of Exchanges
  10. Process flow of a transaction on the Exchange
  11. Underlying markets in Commodities


This course will be of interest to a wide variety of people. It is aimed at educating all those connected with the commodities derivatives markets, especially market participants, finance officers, employees of commodity brokerage houses, commodity dealers, job seekers in commodities trade and students.

This is a self-study course that is based on a blended design (online + print) and is delivered over two segments:

  • An introductory segment
  • An applied segment

The introductory segment will introduce the learner to commodity markets and commodity derivatives, besides key concepts that form the base of commodity trading. The applied segment will focus on commodity price analysis and trading strategies on the exchange. Learners will need to clear a test that is based on the introductory segment, before they can start-off on the applied segment.

The self-study material is a blend of:

E-Learning modules that are further divided into units, each of which focuses on a clear learning objective.

Study manuals that cover each of these units in detail, questions at the end of every unit, and caselets/examples.

Assessment will be at two levels. The learner will have to clear a self-administered exam at the end of the first segment of the course. He/she will not be permitted to download subsequent e-material or take the final examination till this test is cleared. The final examination will be a two hour test consisting of 80 multiple choice questions. It will be a computer based test held at ATTEST centers spread across 40 cities.

While the course is designed in a manner that learners without any pre-knowledge of the subject would be able to take this examination, it is better suited for learners with a basic understanding of derivatives, statistics and demand-supply analysis.